MegaGlest 3.7.1 for Windows 10


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MegaGlest is a free online strategy game played in real time, which is characterized by three-dimensional graphics and dynamic action. The story takes us to a world in which it takes an unprecedented conflict between the seven nations Technicians, Magicians, Egyptians, Indians, Norsemen Persian, Romans and Indians. This rather unusual mishmash, allows to determine the potential tactics adopted by a player, because each side has a completely different units, buildings and the ways in which the fighting. The gameplay is quite extensive, because to be successful, you must collect certain materials provided by Mother Nature, then erect buildings and train the strongest as possible army, which turns into dust enemy forces. MegaGlest is a game that should appeal to all admirers of RTS and despite the slightly longer-dated graphics, it offers a large portion of fun so in Single and Multiplatyer Minimum requirements: Processor: Unknown Memory: Unknown Video Card: Not available free space Disk Space: No data card: No data